Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Books I'm looking forward to

One of the neat things about this blogging thing is that my reading horizons have broadened. Not only do I hear about new books pretty regularly, I even hear about some books before they're published. And there are some books that are coming out this year that I know I want to read. Here's the first one on my list.

I loved Forgiving Solomon Long, Chris Well's debut novel. It was fresh, fast-paced and funny. So I'm really looking forward to Deliver us from Evelyn. Like Solomon Long, it's set in Kansas City and some of the same characters are back. Here's how the publisher (Harvest House) describes the story:
... Chris Well’s second nail–biter revolves around Evelyn Blake, heartless media/publishing mogul. The inconvenience she suffers when her billionaire husband mysteriously disappears is multiplied when nearly everybody starts inquiring, “Where is Blake?”...

Detectives Tom Griggs and Charlie Pasch are feeling the heat from on high to get this thing solved.

Revenge–focused mobster Viktor Zhukov has figured out Blake was tied in with a rival gang’s ambush.

Rev. Damascus Rhodes (his current alias) figures a man of the cloth can properly console the grieving Mrs. Blake.

By the end of this high–speed thriller, some characters find unexpected redemption...and more than a few are begging, Deliver us from Evelyn..

If you want to know more about Chris, he has an excellent blog, and this week he's being interviewed by Gina Holmes at Novel Journey. You might even win an autographed copy of Forgiving Solomon Long and get a sneak peak at Deliver us from Evelyn if you leave a comment.

Tomorrow and Thursday I'll highlight two more novels I'm looking forward to, both by first-time novelists.

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