Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Things I realized this weekend

I didn't do much exciting this weekend, but here's a few observations:

The song "We Win" from the David Crowder* Band's new album (A Collision) is best listened to at a very loud volume while you're driving down the highway at 65 mph. And you should definitely sing along. The song makes me want to jump up and down, but obviously that would not be a good thing to do while I'm behind the wheel of a car going 65 mph. Anyway, excellent song on an excellent album.

If you want to convince your children of your insanity, ask them to help you out by enacting a scene from your work in progress. Last night I was writing a scene with a bit of action and I wondered if that would actually work. So I went downstairs and asked Tim and Joel to help me out. They were a bit skeptical at first, and Joel wasn't real thrilled being asked to portray the doofus cop part, but they helped me and it worked. (They successfully demonstrated that one guy could heave a larger guy off a couch, if you're interested.)

Grown-up children are still your children and the urge to smooth things out for them never really goes away. But it's probably better if you don't.

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