Thursday, January 05, 2006

Thank God for poets

The words of David Crowder, a psalmist for the 21st Century:
I need words, as wide as sky
I need a language large as this longing inside.
And I need a voice, bigger than mine
And I need a song to sing you, that I've got to find
I need you ...
To be here now ...
To hear me now ...

I'm never exactly on the cutting edge of things, so I've only just discovered the David Crowder Band (thanks, Megan, for leaving cd's at home). So I started listening to Can You Hear Us a couple of days ago and was simply blown away. I've been preparing for a Bible study in the Psalms and am coming to understand the role this book can play in our lives. (I'll be using Praying the Psalms, a study by Eugene Peterson) They help us express emotions and responses to God in ways that prose simply can't do. That's what the songs on this cd do for me, too. This is music that's not easy to categorize. It's worship music, but not like any other worship music. I like it.

I was thinking about this cd and about the conversion stories Dave's been posting, which are also hard to categorize, and I'm reminded that our God is vast and complex and hard to categorize. So why should we think that our offerings to him should be simplistic and formulaic. This is not to say that there's something wrong with a simply-told story -- look at the parables. But it's important to remember that God is not of our creation -- we are his creation and we're pretty complex ourselves. The most satisfying stories somehow express that complexity.

Still, sometimes our language seems to fall short (at least mine does). And that brings me back to David Crowder (and many other poets). I'm not a poet, myself, but I'm thankful for them.

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