Thursday, October 20, 2005

A little tropical refreshment, etc.

Brad Boydston (Covenant pastor and blogger) and his wife are spending some time in Guam working with a small college, among other things. Brad's been posting regular updates and pictures. He has some interesting insights into a part of the world I don't know much about.

Jeanne Damoff tells a lovely story about her son Jacob at the Master's Artist today. She always reminds me to see the beauty and joy in everyday life.

Storytellers Unplugged is a group blog by some horror writers. While I'm not much for the genre, the writers often have relevant and helpful tips. A few days ago Joe Nassisse posted some helpful guidelines for putting together a book proposal. (Joe is the author of Riverwatch and Heretic and has been known to hang out at Faith in Fiction.)

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Julana said...

That Damoff story was hilarious.