Thursday, October 27, 2005

Prayers and links

Most days one of the blogs I check early on is Jordon Cooper's. He's a Canadian pastor (I seem to be reading a lot of Canadian blogs these days) who has been blogging forever. He's always got some interesting links or provoking thoughts to share. He's also been very ill and is in tremendous pain. His wife, Wendy, posted about it on his blog last night. It reminds me that sometimes the answer to prayer is very long in coming, or doesn't even look like what we expect or want. But I believe that God is always there, even in the deepest trials of our lives. I'm praying for Jordon and his family. I hope you will, too.

Speaking of Jordon, he's one of four pastors who is trying an experiment in writing a book "about the church in a post-everything culture." Here's where Jordon explained the project a little bit. I think it's an interesting blog and an interesting experiment.

Writer Janet Berliner talks about voice over at Storyteller's Unplugged. Since I sometimes agonize over that very issue, I found it enlightening.

Finally, here's something fun. Chris pointed me to This Day in Music. Click on Birthday No. 1 in the header and you can enter your birthdate to find the No. 1 song on that day. Then enter the date for your 18th birthday and you get your life song. Very fun. The No. 1 song on the day I was born was "Diana" by Paul Anka and the No. 1 song on my 18th birthday was "Fame" by David Bowie. Prophetic? Probably not, but it certainly shows how pop music changed in just 18 years!

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