Friday, June 17, 2005

A cornucopia of delights

So do we want serious stuff first or fun stuff. I think I'll go with the serious first.

Former Sen. John Danforth has an excellent op-ed column in today's New York Times about the viewpoints of Christian moderates and the need to express those values in today's political climate.

I found an interesting organization through a link sent to me today: PJNet. It looks like a journalism group worth paying attention to. Some of the people involved are familiar to me from my academic journalism days; their conference in San Antonio looks like it will have a good group of panelists. I think public journalism, or civic journalism, if done well offers a way for the news business to connect better with ordinary citizens. I like something from today's blog post. He's talking about "the digital reformation; a faction of the church breaks free and allows the masses to read and interpret the bible themselves. That's what is happening with the media..." Fascinating stuff.

Mick Silva has a two-part interview with Brandilyn Collins at Your Writer's Group. It's a good discussion about the diversity of CBA books and audiences and embracing that diversity with grace and excellence.

A couple of days ago, Internet Monk had an excellent post "It's Not Easy Talking about Jesus." It's thought-provoking and seems to apply in many ways to writing from a Christian perspective (but not preaching).

Now for something fun. BoingBoing (this place is great) pointed me to the perfect project for new dads desperate to use their power tools in the service of baby needs.

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