Thursday, June 16, 2005

Web sites for writers

Since I don't want Brenda to be all hrumphy (is that a word?), I'm going to share some of my favorite resources.


Chicago Manual of Style (even if you don't have a paid subscription, there's a lot of useful info here):

Strunk & White (the standard by which all else are judged):

Guide to Grammar & Writing:

The Slot (there's nothing like a curmudgeonly copy editor to set you straight):

Purdue OWL (all your grammar questions answered, with illustrations and exercises!):

Jon Carroll (mondegreens! and he's a good writer, too):

News Watch (they have a good style guide for nonoffensive language):

Language Corner:

The Power of Words:

AJR Resources:

Google Scholar:

Sree net, smarter surfing links:

Power Reporting Tools:

Journalism tools:


Policy Research Institute (Kansas specific):

Ref Desk (this may be the single best starting point for all kinds of information):

A dictionary site that searches a bunch of dictionaries! (a reverse dictionary too!)

Plain English:

New York Public Library Digital Gallery:

Bible Reference tools:

KSU library:

Kansas Library Card:

Morbid curiousity (is Abe Vigoda dead or not?):
(Find a Grave)
(The Dead People Server)

The Wayback Machine (an archive of Web sites):

Poynter Online (writing, ethics, journalism, photojournalism -- amazing resource):


Faith in Fiction -- tips and forum

Lots of stuff at the eServer

My own Web site:

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