Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A new use for marshmallows

This is more of why I like boys. Last night I arrived home and saw my 17-year-old son Tim on the porch with some of his friends (Jonathon, Jake and Coda). They looked a tad guilty. Tim said "Mommy don't look. We're not doing anything."

Now when a 17-year-old says "Mommy" he's trying to be cute and endearing and you know he's up to something. So I looked. And, actually, it wasn't anything so bad that they were doing. Just shooting miniature marshmallows through pvc pipe things. Jonathon had actually devised the contraptions -- the pvc pipe was in sections and they put the shooters together so they looked sort of like those giant water guns. They'd drop a marshmallow in one end and blow through the other and the marshmallows would fly far across the yard. I figured this was relatively harmless, but told them not to shoot them into our elderly neighbor's yard (she's easily upset). I even contributed a dollar to the cause so they could buy another bag of cheap marshmallows.

Shooting marshmallows at each other kept them entertained for quite a while until someone drove by and yelled at them. I don't think he understood that it was marshmallows they were shooting. I suppose it would be easy to misconstrue what teenage boys with pvc pipe joined into gun shapes might be doing.

When I left the house this morning, the yard and street were still littered with the carcasses of miniature marshmallows.

If you want to see some of my funny boys, go here. Tim is the one on the far right.

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