Thursday, August 11, 2005

A Bride Most Begrudging

This month the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance is featuring Deeanne Gist's first novel, A Bride Most Begrudging. I've never been a big fan of historical romance, but this book may change that. I've been reading it and I'm enjoying it very much. The setting (colonial Virginia), the characters (an independent minded and highly intelligent noblewoman who finds herself in a marriage of convenience with a tobacco planter) and the writing are rich with detail and humor. This is not your mother's inspirational romance novel.

Other readers seem to feel the same way. The book is now:
#1 on CBD Bestseller List (Christian Book Distributors)
#15 on CBA Bestseller List (Christian Bookseller's Association)
#15 on Books A Million's Faith Point Bestseller List

A Bride Most Begrudging is the first book Dave Long, of Bethany House, acquired through his Faith in Fiction blog -- I think he made a good start.

If you want to know more about Dee, her journey to publication, and A Bride Most Begrudging, visit her Web site.

You can also order the book here.


Vicki Mccollum said...

Hi Linda, In checking out your blog through T.L. Hines CFA, (of which I am also a member) I discovered you are also a Covenantor! I am also. We've been members of the Covenant Church (at Hillcrest Covenant in KC and now Redeemer Covenant in Tulsa) for several years. I'll keep checking in to read!
p.s. I also reviewed "Bride" and interviewd DeeAnne on my blog at or, The Savvy Christian Woman on T.L. Hines CFA list.

Meg said...

Hi, Linda. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's just barely up. I haven't had time to add anything fancy, or even basics like my favorite books.

I'm also a Sayers fan. I love Busman's Honeymoon. There are so many layers to that thing. And WYWS is one of my alltime favorite movies.

And hi to Vicki. I made a quick stop at your blog yesterday, via Dee's Press Room. It's fun to see all the connections to Faith*in*Fiction and other good places. See ya around!