Wednesday, August 03, 2005


As I've said before, I have two daughters, Julia and Megan. This week Julia drove to Chicago to pick up Megan and bring her (and her stuff) home before Megan's move to Alaska. (In the picture at right, Megan is the one in the cap and gown.)

They called me last night as they drove from the Chicago area to my parents' house near Peoria. It was quite hilarious. Megan was driving and Julia was talking on the phone. Some of the conversation revolved around how well they'd learned to pack from their father (he's the master of packing), which is good because Julia brought the smaller of her and Mike's cars because it has cruise control. But Megan said she didn't have that much stuff. So there was some concern about the dangers of not being able to see out the back window. Then, Julia had been giving Megan "driving tips." I decided Julia is more like me than she cares to admit (and I know you'll probably read this, Julia). There was much laughter and I could hear Megan's comments from the driver's seat. You would probably have to be a member of my family to understand why it seemed so funny to me, so I'll just say that I enjoyed the "Julia and Megan show" very much. They are entertaining their grandparents today, then tomorrow they'll head back to Kansas.

This weekend I'll have all six kids at home for a little while. Yay! Then Megan leaves for Alaska at the end of next week. It'll be hard to see her go so far away, but I know she's serving God and I'm proud of her. My mom reminded me of what Grandma Myers said when her oldest child (my Aunt Helen) left to be a missionary in China with her husband. Someone asked Grandma if she didn't hate to see them go so far away, but Grandma said that she and Grandpa had raised their children to serve the Lord, so how could she not want to see her go. I think I understand what she meant.

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