Thursday, August 04, 2005

Exciting day

A story I wrote called The Long Way Home has been published* at Infuze Magazine. You can read it here. I'm trying to be very restrained about this, but this is the first piece of fiction I've ever had published and I'm excited. Now I have to get busy and get some work done, but this is just cool.

* (I have now joined the ranks such famous Infuze authors as Michael Snyder, T.L. Hines, Chris Well, and J. Mark Bertrand. Oh, and how could I forget Deborah Gyapong!)


TS said...

Indeed that is quite some company you are keeping. Serious congratulations.

Mike Duran said...

Linda, I too had my first piece of fiction published in Infuze, gosh, some six months ago. Been a great stepping stone. Congrats!

Julana said...

Congratulations, Linda. You go, girl!

Michelle Pendergrass said...

That's SO exciting!!!

lindaruth said...

Thanks everybody! I appreciate it.