Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Here's a couple of good links

Infuze has a good interview with Dale Cramer. I have to read his books! You gotta love a guy who says this: "I honestly suspect that the best dialog writers are people who have always walked around talking to themselves. We're not nuts, we're practicing." Amen.

This is more of interest to KU fans, but Max Falkenstein is retiring at the end of the 2005-06 sports seasons. He's been a fixture of KU broadcasting for 60 years -- he's 80 now, but you'd never guess it to listen to him. KU games just won't sound right on the radio without Max's color commentary.

Some BoingBoing readers are trying to find ways to help. I think the guy at the bottom of this post has a great idea.

Tomorrow a lot of bloggers are going to participate in Hurricane Katrina: Blog for Relief Day. I'll be one of them (and it's not too late to sign up your blog). It's not much, but it's one way of getting the word out about a lot of organizations that are finding ways to help.

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