Monday, August 22, 2005

To amuse yourself

Even sick, Terry Teachout is priceless. You might also enjoy the great quote about writers from James Thurber, too.

Katy's posted the picture she wrote about a few days ago -- it's great and she accompanies it with a good quote, too. I never travel far without reading material, either. One never knows when one will need to wait and reading is the most enjoyable way to pass the time, as far as I'm concerned.

Not much else today, except when I looked at my stats, I see that I've had a visitor from Norway! Cool. I haven't figured out why one day last week (Wednesday) I had a huge burst of hits, but they've trickled off back to normal now. I suspect it was just one of those days when my blog popped up when people hit the "next blog" button on Blogger.

Speaking of cool, it's 59 degrees in Soldotna, Alaska. And if you don't know why I care about the temperature in Alaska, this might explain it.

Chris has returned to his slack-jawed state.


Chris said...

This afternoon's entry has me in an even bigger state of slackjawed amazement.

--Chris (dFm)

The Curmudgeon's Rant said...

Ooff-dah, a visitor from Norway? I suppose that now a visitor from Washington State hardly rates. We might not be the land of lutefisk or pickled herring, but we brew a mighty fine cup of Joe. God bless ya!


lindaruth said...

I welcome visitors from anywhere -- Washington, Oregon, random parts unknown. :)